Obama Is the New Messiah

Whoa, Christians, before you vote me off the island, just hear me out. looking past the connotations involving Jesus and Judaism, a messiah is an expected deliverer. A person who ushers in a new age based on his or her presence. Someone who puts an end to all the years of hoping beyond hope. Their presence is a dream come true.

Jesus Chirst gets messiah status because with his ministry came the good news that “the kingdom of God is at hand.” In other words, heaven, or the potential to experience heaven, is available in the here and now on earth. Miracles, wisdom, healing, happiness, peace, and blessings await whoever will follow his path.

Obama is not the new Jesus. We don’t need a new Jesus because people are still slowly coming around to the old one. Jesus won’t be obsolete until all humanity sees each other as equals, everyone in the work force is at a job fulfilling their deep spiritual purposes, and all the guns get melted down and turned into garden tools and candy dishes. Until we all become like Christ, we need him as an example.

Still, Preseident-elect Barack Obama is ushering in a new age. He is the fulfillment of the hopes and expectations of many generations of people in the U.S.A. and abroad. For longer than I’ve been alive, the president of the United States has been largely considered the leader of the free world. That is the job. The first 43 presidents identified as white men, so as soon as one gets inaugurated who doesn’t fit that mold, it will shake up the free world. 

Kobe Bryant once observed that “the game turns on a trifle.” What he meant was that small events have a big impact on the outcome of a game. You could be up by 10 points, make a lazy pass that gets stolen, the momentum shifts, and next thing you know you lost. It’s true in basketball, and the same thing applies to world events and history. Skin color is a trifle, yet he (and we as a result) will be treated differently because he’s black. That doesn’t mean that he’ll be looked down on by other leaders. He still has the weight of the US government backing him, plus there’s no question that Mr. Obama is smart and collected enough to handle the high-level situations to come. But as the headlines reveal, there are a lot of people all over excited about this historic change. It’s a new day with new possibilities thanks to him, our messiah. Deliverance  is coming. Admittedly, we don’t know what he’ll be delivering us to, but we are on our way.


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