7 Days of Sex Makes One Weak

You may have heard about the pastor who plans to challenge his married congregants to have sex for seven consecutive days.

That probably would help a relationship. Communication would open up, you’d feel closer. In 7 episodes, something funny and/or new is bound to happen, making a lasting memory that you can look back on fondly….

Maybe one day I’ll chronicle just such a seven day challenge on my blog. Seems like a good idea to me–I bet it would generate a few new hits. But for now, I’m not even going to tell you that my wife and I have done this before and we’re doing it now.

All I can tell you is, if you want to give it a try, pace yourself. The wells may begin to run a little dry by the 5th or 6th day. Think marathon. Did our parents do this sort of thing? Never mind, don’t answer that.


2 responses to “7 Days of Sex Makes One Weak

  1. I didn’t know it was possible to think of sex that many times in one week. In a week you can actually go trough the Carma Sutra book.lol. I believe the more sex the better but then what happens if you go trough thirty days without having sex with your mate do you think that the flame would still be burning? again it’s good to go on, for so long it shows that you and your mate are madly in love. So by the time you hit fifty and the wells do run dry, your memories will last you a life time of when the waters were flowing…

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