My Take on Global Warming

OK. Global warming is a crucial issue right now. If you say you don’t care about it, you may as well say you don’t care about orphans.

I realize this, and I also understand that we as a human race have a certain dominion over and responsibility for this our mothership, Planet Earth.

But, I just don’t think humans are causing global warming to the extent that we think we are. Our tendency as people is to observe what happens, then come up with reasoning for what we see. My simple hypothesis is that temperatures are rising as part of a cosmic cycle that is much larger than the human footprint.

I never saw An Inconvenient Truth, but I was watching something yesterday (The Today Show, I think) and saw how the Northwest passage is clearer than it has ever been. Up at the top of the globe, it’s now possible to travel by boat west from Europe to North America to Asia pretty quickly. Until recently, this route was treacherous at best with the glaciers; it could only be attempted in the summer. So there has been a significant climatic change in the last 100 years.

But the why behind it is what I’m not convinced on. Sure, it would be nice to believe that our hairspray and tire factories are causing all this, but can we really take all the credit (or blame)? There was an Ice Age 20,000 years ago and several before that. Humans played no role in causing or ceasing any of the ice ages. Apparently, the planet freezes over every several million years, then thaws out. For all we know, the ice caps may still be melting from the last ice age.

Also, the satellite imagery that we’re using to measure the glaciers is pretty new. No one was examining these things 100+ years ago. If we had Google Earth and National Geographic documentaries 700 years ago, what sort of trends would we notice?

Everything ebbs and flows: business, tides, money, love, happiness, the weather. The pendulum swings to both sides of the continuum. In the grand scheme of things, we’re still coming out of the last ice age. Let’s be as responsible as we can with the planet. At the same time, enjoy the global warming trend–why complain about it?


One response to “My Take on Global Warming

  1. OMG,
    I disasgree with your view on global warming. It’s not because I’ve watched ” An Inconvenient Truth”, but because you can see the damage every time we have a season change. And although you may not believe it’s due to our hairspray the honest truth is…It’s only one of the many reasons. We have not been taking care of the earth the way we should, as for the ice age what if someone was to tell you that the ice melted into the sea. Being able to travel [ West Europe-North America,ect..] so freely may not be a good thing, I always believe that things are separated for a reason and you have proven the point that changes are taking place sooner than we realize. People like to point out, the things we can see but how would you describe the 70degree weathers when we’re suppose to be in the 50’s. It may not have happen world wide as yet, but the truth of the matter is we’re destroying the earth and possibly ourselves. I like to be open minded when it comes to things like this because I honestly feel that someone, somewhere is ripping the benefits of our ignorance. I am a mother and I participate in earth day every year in May. It’s a free program in Central Park that educates our children on the subject. If it’s hard to believe in Global Warming then I guess it’s hard to believe that “lake chad” is almost dried out.

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