Deaths of Ella Mitchell and MC Breed

I am one of the few people equally moved by the deaths of Ella Mitchell and MC Breed over the weekend. She was 91. He was 37.

One was a theologian and civil rights trailblazer, the other a hip-hop artist.

Both were prolific writers, both were loved and respected by the more recognizable figures in their respected industries. I don’t know for sure, but I bet both supported Barack Obama for president and it meant a lot to see him elected. Both will be missed.

I’ve been getting my fix of Breed on YouTube this afternoon. As for Mitchell, I just have to get the book she wrote with her husband, Henry, Together For Good: Lessons from Fifty-Five Years of Marriage. The paperback is $10. I saw Henry pushing Ella in her wheelchair earlier this year, and whatever they have (or had), I need me some of that….


One response to “Deaths of Ella Mitchell and MC Breed

  1. Ella Mitchell was a fine woman, a strong believer in God and the goodness of man kind. My husband will truly miss his mother. Thank you for your article about her.

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