Peach Cobbler Recipe

Anyone who’s tried my peach cobbler can testify–it’s da bomb, baby! I can honestly say it is so good it has earned me more respect from my in laws, led to higher grades from professors in grad school, gotten me laid, and so much more. And I’m giving away the entire secret right here, right now.

Some have advised me not to divulge the surprisingly simple recipe, but something tells me it’s best to give it away. Ben Franklin invented all types of wonderful things and never reserved the rights. To give away valuable things somehow enriches, as opposed to impoverishing, the giver. Plus, most people who read recipes never try to make the thing, anyway. How could it hurt me to share a perfect dessert?

Ingredients: 2 large cans of peaches (the ones that cost about $2), 4 Frozen pie crusts (at room temperature), brown sugar, butter (at room temperature), hubba hubba.

Hubba hubba is love. Start by thinking kind thoughts about the people who are going to be eating this dessert. See the smiles on their faces. Hear their surprise that youmade something so delicious. Feel the awkward moment that comes when they’re fighting over the last corner in the pan. It all feels so good. You want them to enjoy it. You want them to rave to others who aren’t there to taste, and they will. All good cooking is loaded with hubba hubba.

Shape 2 frozen pie crusts to cover the bottom of a 9″ square pan. Place a few pats of butter on the crust and sprinkle with brown sugar.

Open peach cans and drain all the syrup from the peaches. They should still be wet, just drain the excess juice that pours off and save a little of it for later.

Pour the peaches over the bottom crust in the pan. Sprinkle more brown sugar and place a few more pats of butter in the peaches.

Shape the other 2 crusts over the peaches so they are completely covered by crust. Mix butter and peach syrup. Spread mixture over the top crust liberally.

Bake at 360 fro 25 minutes or until golden brown.

Top with quality vanilla ice cream to really make them crazy.


2 responses to “Peach Cobbler Recipe

  1. Hmmmm,
    That sounds delish, I love to eat but baking has never been my thing. It’s good that you don’t mind sharing the recipe, because at the end only you can give it that “je ne sais quois”. Maybe one day you’ll sell small jars has a small home based bus. It’s something about the thought of being laid for

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