People Are Animals

I believe that all people are related by blood. I dare to take it a step farther and say that we are also related to the animals. Call it a hunch.

Our DNA is so similar,  and at the end of the day, life on earth is life on earth. We’re all stuck to this insignificant planet together. How different can any two things on Earth really be in the grand scheme of things?

Here’s my poem about it, Philadelphian Phylum:

I told a woman the other day,

“Sometimes I feel just like a giant turtle.

The kind that lives to be a hundred.”

She laughed and there was no second date.


Once I put on my shades

to go sunning at the beach

with those manatees that resemble fat tourists.

A passerby said I was on the make.


I have a good memory if it serves me right;

and peanuts get me every time.

Like an elephant, sometimes I feel chained to a wall

when barely tied to a stake.


We are one with the apes, whales, eagles, and rats.

That’s how it is in this Philadelphian phylum.

Right after I told my friends this,

they threw me in a lake.


Copyright © 2004 by Seth Watson Pickens


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