If You Could See What I See

That’s the title of the book by Sylvia Browne that I’m reading right now.

She is admittedly gnostic, which means she searches for the truth. Sometimes, gnosticism steps on religions’ toes, especially Christianity.

She talks about a Mother/Father God, reincarnation, spirit guides, astral travel, psychic abilities, clairvoyance, claiaudience, and a lot of other things that that don’t sit squarely within Christian doctrine.

I believe most of the claims she makes on these subjects and I don’t think that makes me any less of a Christian. In fact, as one of the people called to carry the banner of Christ for the next generation or two, I think what she has to say is precisely what Christians need to hear.

One of the most ignored teachings Jesus gave was when he told us we could walk on water, heal people, and attract multitudes just like he did and more. Miracles should not be out of the realm of possibility for a spiritually advanced person.

Do I see myself joining Sylvia’s Church of Novus Spiritus? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean I can’t glea A LOT from the 21 tenets she examines in the book. It’s highly recommended reading.


3 responses to “If You Could See What I See

  1. Dear Seth,

    It was lovely reading, and you gave me quite a few points to ponder over. Life is going on in the Commune of Abricots and I am still busy trying to build more classes to the existing twelve schools, and hoping to add two more this year and more again next year. I will not relent until every child is scolarized at the primary level in this commune, although I wish I could expand my work and cover all the mountains of the Grand’Anse. I am still holding on to dreams, dreams. They may one day still become realities. My best wishes for an exceptionally Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with great happiness.
    With love to you, your wife and great son, Mica

  2. Sorry to say this, but people in search of “truth” scares me. It’s always good to know the reason behind most things but then don’t that just makes one question who God is? I will pick the book up and see what she’s talking about, i am a strong beleiver that if your faith is strong enough then yes, it’s possible to do miracles and even bless/curse someone. The disciples did because they believed, i am a christian and I can feel that I have a higher power working with me. But then it doesn’t manifest the way it should because I can’t seem to “just turn the other cheek”. Its easy for me to forgive but I can’t seem to forget.

  3. It’s not bad to question who God is, even though it is almost always uncomfortable. My first semester in seminary, all the reading and note taking and thinking I had done led me to a conclusion: God may not exist.

    This was an alarming thought for a preacher to be having. It was like the ground I was standing on was crumbling under foot. It happens. But since God is real, the person who seeks God’s face will always find it again. Faith and doubt work together. The greater the doubts you have, the greater your faith will be once you get over.

    Question God. There are plenty of questions you don’t have the answer to yet, but all questions have answers.

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