On Preaching

Preached a sermon today from Isaiah 40:3-5. Called it “A Bridge to Somewhere.” You’ve heard of the Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska. Well, the Christmas season is an invitation to build a Bridge to Somewhere, namely spiritual connection with the coming messiah (no, not Obama silly, Jesus.)

The sermon was generally well-received. Someone gave me a cassette tape recording of it. I just listened to it and , ugh! I can do so much better.

It wasn’t horrible. It was well-received and sincere, and I spoke clearly enough. These poor people are so starved for a taste of authentic soul food that they devour my modest offering. That sermon was the spiritual equivalent of a bowl of beans–respectable sustenance. I want to serve up full course dinners.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m exercising some legitimate gifts here. There is no one who can do it quite like me. Still, I must be the first to acknowledge that there’s room for plenty of improvement.

Moral: Listen to recordings of your performances after the fact. If I hadn’t, I’d be feeling better about myself right now, yet, the next go round will be better as a result.


One response to “On Preaching

  1. Another way you can rate yourself can be my meditating on exactly what it is you would want to convey, I am quite sure “you are the best there is”. But like my grandma used to say ” Rome wasn’t build in one day”, the first step is acknowledging that your are that ” damm good”.lol

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