More on Gay Marriage

The cover story on the current Newsweek magazine is about how gay marriage gets a lot of support from Scripture. That may sound odd to some, but I tend to agree.

I even wrote a blog post in favor of gay marriage earlier this year that you really must read if you haven’t already.

Some people get very testy when we compare the current gay rights movement to The Civil Rights Movement, but the fact is, they are similar. It hurts some black people’s ego apparently, but the fact is, all struggles for justice and an end to oppression are the same. Gay people aren’t stealing Martin Luther King’s thunder, they are using it to overcome in the 21st century.

People have certain rights that can’t be taken away from them. A closed minded minority fights to keep things the way they have been, but eventually, the tide of change washes the old guard away, and we as a human race take a few steps forward toward realizing heaven on earth.

But, you say, the thought of two men kissing and living as a married couple disgusts you. That is the same feeling of disgust “real Americans” felt 50 years ago at the prospect of interracial couples or being treated by a black doctor. Real, justifiable disgust, just like you feel. You’re just like them. The only difference is, they aren’t attacking or condemning others’ preferences.


One response to “More on Gay Marriage

  1. I agree with your concept, I am starting to think the hate is due to jealousy because a gay couple’s relationship last longer and is built on a stronger foundation than most heteral relationships. They are also the most compassionate, understanding people that you can have in your circle of friends. Besides, since when did God made us judges over our brothers, he only said we was our brother’s keepers.

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