Soul vs Spirit

The terms “spirit” and “soul” are mostly used interchangeably. Different people provide different explanations and definitions for the two terms. One person’s soul is another person’s spirit, based on the various descriptions I’ve found online, so who’s to say what the difference is?

Learning the difference between the two is not as important as connecting with and living from the perspective of each.

The way I see it the soul is unchanging. As a matter of fact, my soul and your soul are the exact same thing. Even as a person goes through constant cellular and developmental changes from conception to death, the soul stays the same. I look, think, and behave completely differently than I did as a little boy, yet I’m the exact same person. That constance even stretches out before birth and after death into eternity. The soul never dies. In a sense, there is only one living soul and every life form shares a piece of it.

Spirits are as diverse as the human race. There are spirits of fear, generosity, gratitude, jealousy–they run the whole spectrum. A person can be mean-spirited or kind-spirited, but no adjectives can describe the soul so specifically. Perhaps spirits have a particular purpose (such as edification, comfort, instruction, destruction, etc.) while the soul’s only purpose is to know itself by connecting with other souls.

Any other ideas on the difference between spirit and soul? Which one would win in a fight to the finish?


One response to “Soul vs Spirit

  1. Hi Seth,
    From a biblical perspective:
    We are all spirits,
    We all have a soul,
    We all live in a body.

    God Bless,

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