On Violence

“Violence begets violence.”–Martin Luther King, Jr.

“We live in a violent world…” –James H. Cone

Yesterday in Chinatown, I saw an armored truck make a delivery. While one guard took several cases out of the truck and placed them on a cart, another stood watch behind her, pistol in hand. He had kind of a scared look on his face.

Then the light changed and I drove away, but it got me to thinking. We can talk peace till we’re blue in the face, but apparently, there is a very real need for guns in our society.

If that was money on its way to my bank, or jewels going to a store I planned to patronize, I certainly want to see the package reach its rightful destination. In order for that to happen, somebody has to pack the heat. We all hope nobody has to get shot, but just in case someone tries to take it….

We can’t blame violence on the guns. Even if there were no such things as weapons, armored truck drivers would be bigger and stronger than average people, so that if someone wanted to try it, they could fight them off.

Even though I claim to be non-violent, it’s not really true. I want armored guards to carry guns. I want Barack Obama’s security detail to rough somebody up for not following protocol. Sure, I’m not itching to see people tortured, but there is a violent streak in all of us. Should we do anything about it?


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