Apocalypse Soon

So, I’m really enjoying this book by Sylvia Browne, “If You Could See What I See.” She’s a psychic medium, and as far as I can tell, she’s legit. Yes, I’m educated, yes, I’m a Christian, and yes, I believe most of what she has to say.

One thing that has me thinking is her contention that humanity only has about 100 years or so left. Looking at the financial situation we’ve gotten ourselves into thanks to greed, she may be right. No telling, really.

The Eschaton (end of days) is not really a bad thing, even though we are taught to believe it will come with wars and pestilence.

In my opinion, the end will come once a critical mass of people adopt the mind and heart of Christ. This is what the so-called New Age movement is about, and it has been gaining ground steadily for decades. There have always been authors and teachers telling us about humans’ ability to perform healings and other miracles. Jesus himself said that we can do the things he did and more. The release of The Secret was a watershed victory toward this end. While not a perfect work, it gave millions of people a glimpse of the vast stores of untapped power that reside in each of us. Some people heard and changed their lives for the better, some were temporarily inspired, some remained cynical to the possibilities.

Many are willing, but still are scared to really jump into spirituality and truly become new creatures. I met a lady at the supermarket two days ago. What started as a nod hello between two strangers turned into a 15 minute conversation about world religions. It all felt very warm and familiar. Anyone who believes in reincarnation may conclude that is was not the first time that lady and I met. We could have easily spoken for an hour, but Little Sethie was so hungry he started eating paper–and fought when I tried to stop him. She said she wanted to have me over her house or come hear me speak, so I had her write down her email address. Darn if it wasn’t a non-existent account when I tried to email her the next day.

She couldn’t quite make the leap. This fiftysomething white lady did not feel safe giving her email address to a hulking black man, Godtalk notwithstanding. She probably voted for Obama, but she still listened as the world tells her not to trust me.

The walls that separate us are coming down slowly. The unity that results is what ushering in the Kingdom of God is all about. Once a quorum of us realize that “the kingdom of this world is become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ,” humanity will graduate to something else other than this incarnate life.

Oh, and around the same time, we will also to run out of crude oil, and the entire monetary system will collapse. But by then, it won’t matter because we will know how to live off of the bread of heaven.

How does that sound to you?


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