On Caroline Kennedy

Some people feel that Caroline Kennedy is only being considered to fill Hillary Clinton’s senate seat because of her name.

Those people are correct, but it’s nothing to get upset about.

Just about everything she has done in life has been bolstered by the fact that her name is Kennedy. What’s wrong with that. She’s been able to raise a millions of dollars for NYC schools and other causes because of her name, too. Is that a crime?

She’s 52 years old–a woman of substance. It’s not like she’s just some celebutant hosting parties. She’s written and edited bestselling books, served on boards, passed the bar, and generally been a champion for civil liberties.

There’s no reason to begrudge her high profile. Besides, no one is truly prepared to be a U.S. Senator except maybe a member of the House or other state/local lawmaker. I for one am glad that people other than legislators are up for consideration.

If anything, her fame will only draw more attention to the causes of New Yorkers. She’s a serious public servant. Seth says: if Gov. Patterson isn’t going to appoint a black person, it might as well be a Kennedy.


One response to “On Caroline Kennedy

  1. lol,
    Very funny. I don’t hink it’s a good choice not because of her name but because when speaking on how she would represent, she seems vague. As if she wanted to scream out “Give Me The Loot”, Hillary brung that zest to the table or maybe it was the fact that her husband cheated on her and denied the affair publicly. Either way, for Kennedy to rely on her name sake may not have such a good outcome given that her brothers have already dragged the named through out politics. I do however agree that it should be a local, we shouldn’t count the fact that she raised money using her name isn’t that what fund raising is all about bringing out the big names in order to get the big donations!!

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