2 Weeks of Single Fatherhood

My wife has been out of town for the last 2 weeks. She’s in L.A. as part of the requirements for her master’s degree program. It has been a challenge managing the baby without her, I must admit. I’ve gotten a lot of help from two women who have been like mothers to me and Isis in NYC. They’ve watched him–even overnight–and they’ve fed me.

People seem so shocked when I tell them it’s just been me and the baby. Shocked that anyone would trust a man alone with a child. Shocked that the kid is still in good health and spirits after 2 weeks without Mom. I understand their surprise in a sense. I liken it to the surprise you might feel if you call a company seeking some answer or service and you get the CEO. Even if it’s a small business, getting the head might catch you off guard, but why should it. Yes, the boss has people in place to keep things running smoothly, but in a pinch, the CEO can hold the shop down alone if necessary. The capitan of the ship can make it to port if no one else is able to navigate, etc. And a father can hold his kid(s) down indefinitely as needed. It’s better to have the full team in place, but it can be done.

Besides, I’m the one struggling–the boy is fine. Why, me and my wife haven’t gone two weeks without……since the baby was born. Thank God for phone to phone picture mail, especially in the heat of the night.


One response to “2 Weeks of Single Fatherhood

    I thinks it’s great that you are managing without mom, it takes a real man to see the brighter side of having to provide care for their kids while mom is away. As a female worrying about what a dad does during the absence of mom has never cross my mind I think we worry more about the discipline factor with the dads. It’s like the saying goes ” while the cat is out, the mouse will come out and play”, I think your wife is sure you’ll feed him, change his diapers anything else that he may need to survive but she is worried about how much naps he takes, whether he is dress warm enough. When my daughter was younger I used to pray that she doesn’t catch a cold before I return.lol. Overall, it seems that you’re great at being a father by the time you have a second child it will all be a piece of cake!!!!!!!

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