Merry Xmas

Growing up, I was taught that only pagans wrote “Xmas” in place of Christmas. It was something that started with the Nazis. I always consciously wrote it out the long way.

When I got to seminary, we did a lot of notetaking. After a few months of extreme reading and writing, I developed my own shorthand. Christ became “Xst,” Christian was shortened to “Xtn,” and Christianity became simply “Xty.” In all of my haste, I don’t think I managed to dilute Jesus’ power by abbreviating the name. Besides, “X as Christ” is only a written abbreviation. When you see it, you still pronounce it the proper way. In that sense, it doesn’t matter.

Still, the holiday is important enough that it can be written out. What does the shorthand save you? Like 2 seconds of writing time. Surely that’s not too much of a hassle during this season. And, to say “eksmas” takes just as long as to say “Christmas.” Anyone who intentionally says eksmas is just looking for attention. I should know, because I do it sometimes just to get a rise out of people.


One response to “Merry Xmas

  1. You are right, I for one is guilty for shorthand the word and yes it is because I seek a rise, there’s time I do it to be different. I try to abbreviate most words like Birthday=b-day. I just think as long we know the meaning behind the words does it really matter why we do it? some people set their own trends.

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