Chapters and Verses in the Bible

How many books, chapters, and verses are in the Bible?

The Old Testament, Genesis to Malachi, has 39 books, 929 chapters; 23,145 verses.

The New Testament has 27 books, 260 chapters, and 7958 verses.

All together, that’s 66 books with 1189 chapters and 31,103 verses.

I’m posting this true information because that question is likely asked by someone somewhere in the world every single day. I googled it myself 9 or ten months ago and wrote the answer down for a Bible class I taught.  Today, I was cleaning out old papers and  stumbled upon a piece of yellow lined paper folded in 4 in my sock drawer. I open it and bam! the answer to the question so many of us have been seeking. I couldn’t just throw it away. I had to–do something with it. Slap it on the blog. Now I can throw the paper away in good conscience.


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