Economic Indicators

Why is it that the banking, real estate, auto, and retail sectors are all struggling, but the movie industry is doing so well?

While Talbots, Linens & Things, and Sharper Image are closing all their stores, “Marley & Me,” which looks like a romantic comedy with a dog as the foil, just broke some Holiday box office record.

OK, we know Sharper Image is closing because people only went in there to look and play with things, but people hardly ever bought that stuff. It was overpriced.


One response to “Economic Indicators

  1. I am not familiar with Sharper image, but I do know onething it’s devastating to know a company like linens & things is going down the drain, I love going to the company for certain household items. Now, I did not expect the movie industry to suffer any real loss because people always look for entertainment to ease their pain. At this point the movie industry is the only garanteed/safe career, with so many upcoming artist we can’t count on the music industry to entertain or ease our pain. I have a friend whose life dream is to become a star but what she doesn’t come to term is if you’re not already out there the only position she would be able to fill is one of a movie vixen.

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