New Year’s Resolutions

Well, it’s December 31st, and I feel the standard pressure to make some New Year’s resolutions. There are some obvious things I could tackle, but I won’t, because I’m not really ready to. There’s one long standing bad habit that I’m almost ready to completely put behind me, but tomorrow is just too soon. If the first day of Spring marked the New Year like it did back in the good old days, I’d be all set by then, I swear….

So I realize that I’m as weak as the rest of you. Still, the whole I-don’t-make-resolutions-because-I-never-keep-them-anyway philosophy is a cop out. If someone asks what you plan to do differently next year, “nothing” just isn’t good enough unless your name is LeBron James or God.

Granted, January 1 is just another day, and the chances of me giving up all forms of sugar and negativity on that day are as slim as they would be any other day, and that’s slim.

Still, the first day of a new year is a good time to establish how you want the year to look. We should challenge ourselves, but it profiteth us nothing to be unrealistic. So my resolution for 2009 is…drum roll…wait for it…

I will read at least 25 books in 2009.

First of all, it’s realistic. I read more than the average Joe already. Like Charles de Gaulle, I never count how many “lambs I’ve devoured,” but this past year, it was probably about 15 cover-to-cover. 25 is a good goal. I can read like I read this year, minus those 3-4 week lulls where I didn’t have a book.

My reading will help me conquer some of the other New Year’s Resolutionesque issues I’m dealing with. A huge chunk of my spiritual growth and enlightenment comes from the books I read. This year, books have helped me to be a better preacher, manage my temper, improve my memory, make more money, understand my own health, and get along better with my wife. Books=advancement for me, so I figure more books=more advancement.

Also, I’ll have plenty of worthy ideas to share on my blog. A long term goal (not just resolution) of mine is to keep this blog running for at least 20 years, provided and the Internet still exist. By then, there may actually be people other than just you reading it.

Got any plans for 2009?


One response to “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Lol,
    I can tell that you read alot, and I agree reading does increase advancement. Don’t worry about how long will be around just know that you are making a difference by what you post and sometime you just don’t know who could be reading your blog, I read your blogs because it can be resourceful and at times it can be just what I need to give me a good laugh. I think what matters most is getting the word out and you’re doing just that. As for new year resolutions I gave up on that when I failed to gain a wooping thirty more pounds a few years back, besides as Christians we should strive to better ourselves without having to abide by “new year resolutions”.

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