Two Thousand Nine English Lesson

I knew a guy in college who had joined the Nation of Islam. One small part of his training was learning how to properly say numbers. The main thing that stayed with me over a decade later is the idea that “and” is not a number and is unnecessary. Grammatically, “Two thousand nine” is better than “two thousand and nine.” The same is true for dollar amounts and any other numbers.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again….

If you say “and,” no one will correct you, including me. Just something to keep in mind the next time you plan wedding invitations, write a check to someone you really want to impress, or proclaim the Year of our Lord in front of a huge crowd. Happy New Year.


One response to “Two Thousand Nine English Lesson

  1. Wow,
    Who would’ve tought, I guess we became so acustom to writing “and” that we never stop to think wether it was a grammatical error. That’s a good pointer but I am not sure how someone can proclaim the Lord’s year without adding “and”. I just tried it and it’s as if my tongue hesitated to say “and”

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