Why We Can’t Keep New Year’s Resolutions

We can keep resolutions, but the fact is, the lily-livered promises so many of us make at the end of a year are not really resolutions.

To create a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Congress passed a resolution. As a result, the day simply is a holiday. It would sound ridiculous if some government agents  said, “I know we made that resolution, but actually observing the day has proven too difficult, so forget the resolution we made.”

Once something is resolved to be done, it’s as good as done. In fact, it is more difficult to renege on a real resolution than it is to carry it out once you make it. If your resolution is easy to walk away from, it’s not a resolution, it’s a half-hearted promise you made to yourself, probably while drunk, or otherwise full off of whatever it is you do.

Our so-called resolutions often lack the preparation, commitment, and resolve necessary to make the words into a bond.


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