Electric Manifesting

Ok, so this wasn’t exactly a book–more like a 31 page pdf that was available at http://pushbuttonmanifesting.com. But I’m still reading for improvement, so it counts as a “book I read in 2009.”

The authors, Sean Collins and Michael Campbell, seem to be proponents of the Silva Mind Control Method. You can find out more about Jose Silva on Wikipedia. He was all about showing people ways to increase their IQ and develop psychic abilities.

I really enjoyed Electric Manifesting because of its practical nature. There are easily hundreds of books out there that were published to help people achieve their goals, but this one is a little different. Whereas most of those other books give advice like “improve your self-image,” and “think positively,” this school of thought is more pragmatic. The advice it gives crosses over into the realm of miracle-making.

The best advice I got from it was the 100-to-1 technique. Before you “visualize what you want,” count backwards from 100 to 1, seeing and hearing each number. This helps to quiet the mind. Sounds easy, but it can take some doing, especially if you’ve never meditated before. Doing this is kind of like softening wax in order to make it easier to work with. Once your mind is right, think about the thing you want. Describe it vividly in detail. Then count to 5 and forget about it.

I think that many mega-successful people do things like this, while the rest of us write it off as hoodoo and continue to toil in obscurity.

I haven’t made the 100-to-1 method work for myself in deed yet. I’ll know a lot more about its efficacy in a few months, as I’m working on something big. Still, I tend to believe it because I have had real success with a similar technique called rhythmic breathing. I used to do that before stand up comedy shows, and when I did, I was always the funniest performer on the show, which was what I wanted.

The point: I’m more and more convinced that we can have anything we want in life. Some of you won’t believe that coming from a guy with 5 figures of student loans and no property, and I understand that. But trust me when I say I’m on the path to greatness. And please believe, there is room for you, too.


3 responses to “Electric Manifesting

  1. In a word, Ben, yes. Looking back almost 3 years on this post, I can stand by it. One thing I left out of the 100-to-1 process is that you take time every day visualizing for 2 weeks, then forget about it.

    It’s a form of prayer and meditation. It really does work. When I wrote this I was a sales exec in Brooklyn, and I really wanted to pastor a church. Also, my wife really wanted to move to Los Angeles. Now I pastor a church in Los Angeles–there were 150 applicants to pastor this church, many of them more experienced than me. But I’m sure none of the meditated and prayed on it as hard as I did, and here I am.

  2. Thank you. I’m about to give this manifesting technique a go. I’m glad to hear that you are so successful in using Electric Manifesting.

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