My Mother Died

My mother, Patricia McCallum Pickens, died last Wednesday, January 14. Don’t really feel like doing a long, sappy post just yet.

I’ll just say a few things:

1. She was a great person. I would probably say that even if it wasn’t true, but it is. The outpouring of support has been crazy (good).

2. For me, hugging her was different than hugging anyone else in the world.


One response to “My Mother Died

  1. Dear Pastor,
    You remind me of a young man who was in seminary with me…. he knew he was anoited by God. He walk the talk, he talk the talk, and recived excellent grades better than most students. He is now a professor at an seminary and a senior pastor at a large Methodist Church inMichigan. I say this because when you and your brother were younger, your mom always had great aspiration for you and your brother. Before she would say,”good morning”…she would say my sons this and that. As you may well know that you were(are) the warmth of her heart beat. So Pastor continue to wear your anointingfrom head to toe and within your heart. If you can do that your mother love will continue to fall fresh upon you. I wish you well and blessing in all that you do and say. Rev. Deanna M.Petit Sailor, LCSW, LPC, M.Div I live out of state and you may contact me via emaill

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