Prison Industry Greed Reaches New Low

I have a problem with the prison-industrial complex.

Yes, it’s violent in there and no, not enough is being done to foster inmates mental and spiritual advancement. Admittedly, I have not thought out solutions to all of the problems. But hey, that never stopped me from complaining before. 

I’m afraid the biggest problem is greed.

CNN reported that prisons in the U.S. are a 37 billion dollar industry, and a lot of that money goes to private companies that provide everything from plumbing to medicine to software.

That’s all well and good. If someone can get paid providing fruit cocktail or prepaid phone cards to the incarcerated, more power to them. Only thing is, their business can only grow when more people are put behind bars. If your main objective is to sell a commodity or service to that market, you don’t care how the people get there or how many families are torn apart. You’ve got hypoallergenic pillows to move, and your’re going to lobby and network so that you can sell those pillows.

Would you believe that juvenile detention centers go so far as to bribe judges in exchange for sentencing more children in order to keep prisons full? Well, in Pennsylvania, Judge Mark Ciavarella and Judge Mike Conahan were sentenced to seven years for accepting $2.6 million worth of these bribes.

These 2 scumbags belong in jail, yet the situation continues.

So what can we do about it?


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