On Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman’s publicist confirmed that she recently gave birth to octuplets, has six other children under age 7 she could barely afford to care for, is a single mother who has not finished school, and receives food stamps.

I’ll reserve judgment, but I do have a question:

Who is paying the publicist?


One response to “On Nadya Suleman

  1. Who is paying for publisist? We probably are. Obviously they are not a very socially conscientous company or they would not be glorifing a welfare mother of 14. As they are glorifing it expect to see more of it in the future. Am I the only taxpayer sickened by the lack of responsibility this woman has shown. I intend to send an e-mail to every company this publicist represents informing the companies that due to the actions of thier publicist these companies may no longer expect any business from me.

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