Life Beyond the Earth

I have come to the conclusion that there must be life on other planets. “Life” can’t just be limited to our planet. It depends on how we choose to define what life is, but my presumption is that there is intelligence and life force pervading the entire universe. It may be microscopic or undetectable by scientific instruments. Still, you can’t tell me the sun, comets, supernovae, ringed planets, and swirling galaxies out there aren’t “alive.”

Now, flying saucers and little green men, that’s another story. The universe is a big place containing everything we can imagine and more. If there are extraterrestrial beings flying around the earth in starships, they must be vastly more intelligent than humans just to be able to make the trip.

I think that there are all types of life forms beyond earth’s orbit, and some of them are bound to be advanced enough to come survey other planets. I’ve never seen a UFO, so don’t believe me. Still, A LOT of reliable people have. Take a look at this Squidoo Lens to see some of the incredible quotes.

Does reading that change your mind,Ā strengthen your assumptions, or further feed your skepticism about visitors from outer space?


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