New Commemorative Pennies


These will look GREAT in the gutter.

I’m actually on record as being a huge fan of the one cent piece. But I have  a problem with rolling out 4 new pennies to celebrate Lincoln’s bi-centennial.

Aren’t we as a nation and economy moving away from using pennies? Why keep them alive this way? This anniversary would have been as good a time as any to phase the penny out of circulation. 

Besides, it has cost the government more than $.01 to make each penny for the last few years, and that was with the same old design. Now there’s new artwork, new dies to be cast, and of course, the whole thing has to be publicized so that bloggers can rant. Is this part of the stimulus spending?

Just seems like a waste. The last thing we need to be spending money on is something as unappreciated as pennies.

At the same time, I like coins. Can’t wait to collect all 4!


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