Think Like a Kid Again

I’ve noticed that kids laugh all the time. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari said that a 4 year old laughs hundreds of times everday, but an adult only fifteen.

I want to laugh all the time, and I think I will from now on.

This Jim Rohn quote comes from a talk called “Practice Being Like a Child.” It is based (at least loosely) on Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:3:

Kids think you can get anything. They are really funny. You tell kids, “We’re going to have three swimming pools.” And they say, “Yeah. Three. One each. Stay out of my swimming pool.” See, they start dividing them up right away, but adults are not like that. Adults say, “Three swimming pools? You’re out of your mind. Most people don’t even have one swimming pool. You’ll be lucky to get a tub in the back yard.” You notice the difference? No wonder the master teacher said, “Unless you can become like little children, your chances, they’re skinny.”

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