Bobby Jindal Should Persevere

I was personally not very moved by Bobby Jindal’s speech last night.022509_jindal1

 Don’t get me wrong, he seems like a capable guy. He’s 37,  retired from Congress, governor of Louisiana, and apparently the future of the Republican party. This guy was on all the networks last night telling his story.  It was his first time on a stage that large, but it surely won’t be his last.

On paper, it was a pretty good speech. It actually reminded me of Obama’s “ready for the world” speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. You know, the even-a-guy-with-my-unconventional-upbringing-can-rise-to-some-incredible-heights-in-this-incredible-country spiel.

It was good on paper. There were touching stories, there was humor. His delivery just wasn’t there, and it was obvious in the first 30 seconds. I stuck with him as long as I could, but the next thing I knew, I was watching The Office. Guess I fell asleep. The man obviously has some gifts or he wouldn’t be there to begin with. He should stick with it–he’ll improve. Who knows, maybe one day, he’ll have it like this:


You think it’s possible? Jindal has the youth, the brains, and the skin tone. What’s missing?


One response to “Bobby Jindal Should Persevere

  1. Yes, I agree Bobby Jindal’s speech was lacking in content and luster. He’s not ready yet, maybe he will be in the future but not now. If he doesn’t step back and take stock of public response and adjust it will be a mistake. This will be a very long 4 years if the republicans are going to campaign incessantly the entire time and if Bobby’s speech was another indicator they will take every chance they can get to do so. And we all thought this last election was so very long. ::sigh:: I like your site, good posts and design.

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