Gravity by Chris Woodford

At first glance, this 37 page hard cover looks like a children’s book.

I happen to love to read children’s books, especially ones about history, science, and other non-fiction topics. I mean come on, how likely would I be to finish a “grown up” book about gravity? I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.

However, if an author can keep the facts straight yet make it easy to finish in one sitting, I can work with it..

This book gave a historical summary of some of the great scientists who have studied gravity: Did you know Tycho Brahe wore a silver nose after his was cut off in a duel? Or that Galileo made his own telescopes? Or that Isaac Newton did a lot of experiments in alchemy, but kept quiet about them to preserve his reputation?

What I will really take with me from this book is the story of Copernicus (1473-1543). He was one of the first astronomers to say that the the earth revolved around the sun and not the other way around. A lot of Christian church leaders had a problem with this theory because they interpreted the book of Genesis as saying that the heavens revolved around the earth. His theory was considered blasphemous. His ideas weren’t even published until right before his death and even then, the publisher prefaced his work with a note that said it wasn’t true.

But it was true. It’s not easy to stand up to so-called church leaders, especially if you consider yourself part of the church.

Darwin’s theory of evolution is still considered blasphemous by many believers. He knew it would be–he was a staunch Christian himself.

When “what the church believes” goes against the Truth, I think the truth is more important. Even Jesus spoke out against the ways of the religious establishment, so we should do the same.

Is there anything your church believes that you find not to be right?


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