Wisdom from Jay-Z

Towards the end of his smash hit “Izzo,” Jay-Z said:

…’the try’ and ‘the fail’
the two things I hate…”

I know, I get on people when they take a Bible verse out of context, yet here I am quoting half a bar. Allow me to exegete.

It’s like in The Empire Stikes Back when Luke is using his Jedi mind power to lift his spaceship out of a miry bog. It seems impossible, but he tells Yoda he’ll try. Yoda instantly loses his patience, and admonishes the young warrior: “Do or do not. There is no ‘try!'”

Just wait till that "Blueprint 3" album drops, son.

Just wait till that "Blueprint 3" album drops, son.

The “try” is rarely ever good enough. “Trying” to do something means that if it doesn’t work after one attempt, you have fulfilled your obligation. That gets you nowhere. There was once a guy who “tried” for years to quit smoking. Once he was diagnosed with throat cancer, he stopped trying and just quit.

I have found that when I “try” to accomplish something, the odds are about 50/50. When I decide something has to happen, it always happens, and I know I’m not alone. You ever have to get something done? You get it done. The first person behind a counter or on the phone who tells you it won’t be possible, you practically don’t even hear them. You tell them, “no, no, I have to get this done today. Let me talk to someone who can help me.” Somehow, when you employ that level of resolve, you manage to get the job done, and it’s always on time.

Apply that unadulterated hustle to your one of a kind talent, and you too can move 20 million units, or mountains, or whatever it is you choose to move.

“H to the Izzo
V to the Izz-A
What else can I say about dude?
I gets busy.”


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