Prophecy about Gay Marriage

You can hate it or love it, but I’m here to tell you:

Forty years from now, same-sex couples will be able to legally marry in all of the United States. Divorce rates among gay couples will be about the same as they are for straight couples.

I’d like to believe that I have some sort of special divine connection where God whispers in my ear and I shout the oracle from the mountain tops. In a way I do, but proclaiming equal rights for the LBGT community has more to do with simply betting on history repeating itself.

You can comment now, or wait till 2049 to see if I’m worth my salt.


10 responses to “Prophecy about Gay Marriage

  1. In 40 years we may be able “cure” homosexuals or do prenatal screening and genetic counseling to eliminate it, so your prediction may be off-base.

    I’m NOT endorsing such things, but science progresses and we’re now able to do a lot more with the human DNA code than we used used to able to do. Since science is amoral, it could be used for a lot of things – good, bad, and open for debate.

  2. That is an angle I didn’t consider. But, even if science progresses to that point, plenty of parents would opt not to “pre-fabricate” their children in that way. Gay people will continue to be born, and they will continue to fight for and continue deserve certain rights under the law–like marriage.

  3. Forty years will see me likely missing out on the “win” by the homosexual movement.

    If I was a betting man, and I am, I would consider it to be reality long before forty years. I’d bet no more than ten years.

    jonolan, an interesting point indeed.

  4. I think it’ll be sooner, too. But there’s always a lag between when change is legislated and when its effects really roll freely through society. It’ll be forty years before a critical mass of pastors marry gay couples without it feeling like controversy.

  5. The etiology for homosexuality is very similar to that of left-handedness … since one of the key contributing factors is fetal stress, we won’t be any closer to ‘curing’ homosexuality than we will be to curing left-handedness. They will both continue to present in somewhere from 4 to 10% of live births.

  6. I do believe that gay people will continue to be born. As long as that’s the case in my country (the United States of America), they will continue to be entitled to the full spectrum of civil liberties available under the law.

  7. Hi Seth.

    I’ve always wondered why people are so interested in other peoples sex lives.

    Murderers, rapists, psychopaths….probably should start tryin’ to ‘cure’ that first.

  8. I’d be happy if we could just ‘cure’ ADD and ADHD in kids. That’s way more annoying to me than watching a same-sex couple display affection.

  9. “I’d be happy if we could just ‘cure’ ADD and ADHD in kids. That’s way more annoying to me than watching a same-sex couple display affection.”

    – I’ll drink to that!

    .Best way to cure ADHD in kids?
    Try sendin’ them up chimneys like they did in the good old days.
    That’ll knock the ‘hyper’ out of ’em in no time!

    BTW Great blog, Seth.

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