One Problem With Our Economy

Too many Americans don’t know how to make money, and it is having a detrimental effect on the economy.

We already know that properly managing money is a skill most of us don’t have. We know that not enough of us save money, and even fewer are adroit when it comes to investing our green. But, all of that is secondary in my opinion to being able to make money.

Don’t get me wrong–we know how to work. Even in the midst of recession, 85-90% of the people who should be working are. However, having a job is not always the same thing as making money.

I equate making money with generating revenue. A great many Americans are able to receive income without doing anything to directly earn it. They are paid to complete tasks and provide services, but their paycheck comes from philanthropic grants, government coffers, or other piles of old money that are being spent much less responsibly than they were originally earned.

That doesn’t mean that the work isn’t important. I’m glad we have cops; glad we have research fellows; glad we have Peace Corps volunteers; glad we have sales people who don’t work for commission. These fiscally-detached jobs have helped make society what it is for better or worse.

Still, you should think about how you can make money if you have to. Teachers make a good living wage, and even if the school system shut down tomorrow, the best ones could organize a school and find some parents who would pay them. Same career, same skills, but now they’re not just teaching, their making money by teaching. Only the truly committed teachers, parents, and students would stick around, and that would make the school better.

Think about what you can do to make some money. Even if you never lose your job, if you ever want to really get ahead, you gotta earn it.

Keepin' it real.

Keepin' it real.


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