Sympathy for Madoff

Am I the only one who feels just the slightest bit of sympathy for Bernie Madoff?

Don’t get me wrong. He lied to a bunch of people, betrayed their trust, and stole their money. No matter how large or small the amount in question, he deserves to be brought to justice.

I guess jail is the only option under the circumstances. Even though sending him away isn’t going to provide any monetary restitution to his victims, it will give them what James Brown called “get back.” Revenge is probably humans’ 4th favorite thing after money, sex, and indulgent foodstuffs.

Bernie Madoff is a rat and a theif and the life he has fraudulently enjoyed deserves to come to an abrupt end. All that notwithstanding, he’s still just a man. If you swindle more than 2 or 3 people out of their life savings, you’ve pretty much earned a life sentence. He’s a bum, as we say in New York City. But when I look at the guy, I still feel compassion. I wouldn’t let him touch my money, but come on, he’s 70 years old. He’s being separated from his wife of 40+ years. His family is shamed. He has to live the rest of his life in the same flawed prison industrial complex that has been creating monsters and destroying families for generations. Don’t you feel bad for him at all?


We all deserve what we get.

Or, are you strangely warmed by his suffering? What if he was your father?


3 responses to “Sympathy for Madoff

  1. “Am I the only one who feels just the slightest bit of sympathy for Bernie Madoff?”

    Yeah. I’m pretty sure you are. Besides his family and his own self-pity, of course.

    He’s 70, but that doesn’t make me pity him. It makes me wonder what the hell took so long for him to be caught. He was swindling investors for decades

  2. Seth, I’m with Madame bitters on this one.

    I’m wondering if you are having a bit of a laugh with this posting?
    Or are you being 100% genuine?

    Prison is for dangerous criminals as far as i’m concerned….but society shame and some form of ‘excommunication’ should be applied for no-violent acts such as thievery.

    You are being tongue-in-cheek, aren’t you? 🙂

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