Guest Blogger Oronde Stephens is Marching Toward Perfection

Thanks to one of my best friends, Oronde Stephens, for this list. Check out his blog, What Hip Hop Needs (Is Me) at

10 Tips to Perfecting Your Spiritual Path (sounds easy: NOT!)

1.Power is only true power when it is used in an unselfish manner.

2.Peace truly is a state of mind, a retreat within, an escape from the outer life. It’s not complicated unless we make it so.

3.Know that truth is self-evident and recognized and registered by the spiritual mind.

4.Sin is merely anything that deters you from seeking the true and living spirit which is in you.

5.If we learn to trust the Spirit, it will respond by sending us more “frequent flashes” of illumination and enlightenment.

6.Lessons are lying all around you, awaiting your study and mastery.

7.Bad habits can be natural or learned, but learned habits become natural through time. Be careful what you subscribe to.

8.Your soul is not bound by pleasure or pain. See beyond the relative and focus on the absolute.

9. You are a manifestation of God. All are actions/behavior should allude to this.

10. Beware of the “Threefold Gate of Darkness” (lust, anger, and greed). Liberate yourself from these and one has no choice but to embark on a higher path of understanding.


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