Significance of Full Moons

I have admittedly limited astrological knowledge, but even certain wild animals seem to recognize a full moon when they see one.

The full moon means different things to different people. I remember reading once that you should plan a party as close to a full moon as possible. Thanks to subtle energies at work, people are ready to let loose, and the event will be more memorable.

In terms of my own experience, I have found that the full moon is a time when the truth tends to come out for better or worse. When I take my Freemasonry education and stir it up with everything else I think I know, the full moon reminds me of The All Seeing Eye of God.

It’s like, when the full moon is watching you, it’s harder to keep things a secret. Your boss is more likely to smell the alcohol on your breath. Your spouse is more likely to find out about that money you gambled away. Someone you look up to is more likely to discover the porn habit you never told anyone about. See Luke 8:17:

 “For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.”

The fact is, the moon is watching us. It’s almost always full somewhere, just roaming the earth, keeping an eye out. If and how the things it sees are processed is beyond me. Still, every time I see it (I had a dream about a golden full moon last night), it’s a call to integrity. “Get your stuff together, son.” I’ll know I’ve made it when I no longer feel the need to hide anything from anyone. In the meantime, the full moon will keep calling me out.


5 responses to “Significance of Full Moons

  1. Hello

    I was wondering where you got the idea of the LEFT EYE out leaving a shell of a body behind? I have pictures like this and I cant help but wonder if youve received insight from your mason knowledge.

    Seems I can relate to everything youve said.

    Best Wishes

  2. hi. i can relate to u but i have different insights about the moon. for me the moon is the most handsome thing my eyes have ever seen. it is the full moon. the full moon is my prince , i dont know everytime i see a full moon its like i get so inlove with it and i like to spend so much time staring at it. i even made 3 poems today, while i was watching it. i always do that. just like everytime i see a full moon, i turn so poetic that i cant help myself but talk to the moon and to myself like i am so inlove with the moon just like a feeling a lady feels for the most handsome guy. i feel so happy and light-hearted. but it is weird.

    the images are really nice and expressive.
    thank you for sharing your thoughts and the images as well.

  3. i have one question… when i look at the moon why do i get a sudden comfort? like there is finally someone who cares about me is watching me? i like the full moon but a creascent moon is better and more comfroting.

  4. I couldn’t tell you exactly where that feeling of comfort comes from. Maybe it’s the fact that people all over the world are enjoying the same moon you are and have been for eons. I would guess that most people who are taking the time to look up at the moon are probably pretty positive, loving, and optimistc in their outlook. So when you look at it, perhaps you soak up some of that love….

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