Churches Will Evolve or Die

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
–Charles Darwin

We like to think that “only the strong survive,” and there is some truth to that. But it depends on how you define strength.

I think about how big, otherwise immovable trees snap and die in a hurricane, while the flexible saplings bend in the wind and live to keep growing after the storm has passed. There is something to be said about being nimble.

Or, what about IBM? Those letters stand for “International Business Machines.” From the late 1800s till the late 1900s, they made most of their money by selling hardware. Employees wore grey suits, white shirts, and ties. Now, they mostly sell hosting, consulting, and other less tangible services and solutions. Also, the dress code has been relaxed. But what if they had been unwilling to change?

No Twitter or mp3 ability, but hey, it's portable. Sold?

No Twitter or mp3 ability, but hey, it's portable. Sold?

Do you think a company that only sold one brand of PC could support 300,000 employees in 2009? Probably not. In order to still exist as IBM, they had to change with the times.

The church is not so different from a tree or a big business. Some of the things that people bought 100 years ago are not going to fly in contemporary society. A flexible tree is still a tree, an evolving company is still a company, and a 21st-century church is still a church.

The church’s basic mission of spreading the Gospel of Christ and fostering spiritual growth has never and will never change. That said, what are some of the surprising, new-fangled things you’d want to see churches do to get their message across? How could they really get you running to participate? What are they doing now that works?


One response to “Churches Will Evolve or Die

  1. What I like about this piece is the fact that you compare the church to a tree, and what a wonderful comparison. However, unlike a tree I beleive “the church” will somehow become something of the past. Do they spread the gospel yes( any way possible), but when it comes to spiritual growth “the church” can’t seem to master that point. My ans. to your questions are:
    What are they doing now that works?
    -Making proper use of the media to spread the word.
    How could they really get you running to participate?
    -Being genuine… I expect to receive southern hospitality while visiting or even when I become member of a church because God is Love. Keep the love flowing!!

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