My 10 Favorite Things About Jesus


My Ten Favorite Things About Jesus
1. Jesus had a real destructive streak. He chased the salespeople out of the temple, berated the disciples for their incessant ingnorance,  and even intimidated a fig tree to the point that it withered. He was like one part spiritual leader and one part leathal enforcer.
"Gimme a 'hell yeah!'"

"Gimme a 'hell yeah!'"

2. He got mad, but he didn’t stay mad. Jesus teaches that we should forgive people repeatedly when we feel wronged. He even forgave the people who tried to crucify–CRUCIFY–him. I’m still mad about the girl at Wendy’s who forgot to cut my sandwich in half last summer. But Jesus never held a grudge.
"No, no. You have your job description. It's fine."

"No, no. You have your job description. It's fine."

3. Jesus enjoyed life. He didn’t so much follow the rules that society or religious leaders established. When Jesus wanted a drink, Jesus had a drink. If he ate a meal without washing his hands first, big deal! His heart was always in the right place.

4. He had a way with words. The words of Jesus have rung true through the centuries not just for Christians. Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, and billions more people have benefited from the word made flesh as well. As relevant as his sermons and parables are now, imagine what an impact his teachings must have had on his contemporaries.

5. Jesus was lucky enough to know his purpose. There’s a certain amount of confidence that comes with knowing your reason for being. You can stand up to naysayers a little easier. You’re not ashamed to take your show on the road. You’re willing to burn the midnight oil to get the job done. That’s Jesus.

6. You could even call Jesus fearless. He was never afraid to face the demons that are a part of life and put them in their place.

7. He had his own star shining in the sky to herald his birth. Come on, man, that’s just cool. My next child will be lucky to get an announcement on Twitter.

8. Speaking of birthdays, we don’t know when Jesus was born exactly, but December 25 would make Jesus a Capricorn, just like me! We are a lot alike now that I think about it.

"This says I'm most compatible with Virgos, with Taurus a close second."

"My horoscope says I'm most compatible with Virgos...."

9. Jesus believed in God. Everyone does not believe in God, nor should they have to. There may be some atheists, agnostics, etc. reading this list and chuckling under their breath (or out loud) at my naivete. But I have come to the conclusion, like Jesus did, that God is real.

10. And because God is real, absolutely anything is possible for people of faith. Jesus was one of the greatest human examples of the principle ever. He healed others, defied gravity, fed countless hungry people, moved mountains, cheated death, and empowers each of us to do the same.


4 responses to “My 10 Favorite Things About Jesus

  1. up until you mentioned the Horoscope signs, you were doing all right. The reason i say this: a Horoscope tries to tell you who you are meant for, what your attributes are, and what direction to take in life. Even warning to stay indoors or out of certain places. If we, as Christians are to follow God, Jesus, and the prompting of the Holy Spirit (alongside the Word and Prayer) then why would you look to the stars, and to a “creation” of man to determine what path in life to take? Who knows better than the One that Created all? Not trying to be rude, just pointing it out.

    *E nomini patri et fili e spiritu sanctis* –No, im not Catholic

  2. Thanks for this thoughtful, respectful comment. I catch flack for being a Christian and a student of astrology all the time. The way I see it, God created the heavens, and each star is where it is for a divine purpose. Over the last 5 or 6 thousand years, scholars have learned a lot about seasons, farming, navigation, and human nature by looking to God’s sky. Every astrologer is not spiritually grounded or even honest, but in its purest form, the stars can tell us a lot about what is happening on earth. For example, the magi were able to discern when and where the King of Kings would be born thanks to their knowledge of astrology, and as far as we can see in the Bible, God doesn’t have a problem with it.

    I wrote a blog post earlier this year called “Astrology and the Bible” if you’re interested in reading more.

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