What am I?

Divine creature; black man in America; Capricorn with moon in Scorpio; lefty; husband; father; brother; friend; preacher; pastor; Bible expert; teacher; comedian; salesman; Detroiter; New Yorker; Los Angeleno; Morehouse man; Alpha Phi Alphareturned peace corps volunteer; Union Seminary alum; Prince Hall Mason.

There are at least 5 more on the tip of my tongue, but you get the idea. In any given week, I juggle all those. They help to define me. They open doors for me and cause others to remain closed. They dictate my interests. I have chosen them, and they have chosen me. On the one hand, I need them.

On the other hand, it is always dangerous to limit your self-definition. I’m a Christian leader, for example, and as a result there are some things I don’t know and some places I can’t go. But I have to be the one to decide what those things and places are. Some Christian leaders choose not to study Buddhist thought or enjoy a fine cigar. Some do.

Think about all of your labels. Do you like them all? Are there more labels you’d like to add, more letters essentially? You can.

We all live this way, so we might as well take control of the process.


3 responses to “Labels

  1. its amazing how your life goes on, even when you cause so much pain. Husband title. No at the top of your list and not at the top of your priorities either. Sad, how little emphasis you put on trying to be a better on.

    Especially since you are married to the church.

  2. I love reading your blog. An example of Christian manhood in 3 dimensions, no 4. Instead of the flat, iconic image. Keep it up.

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