You Can Be The Best If You Want

If you want to, you can be the best in the world at something. Everyone is born with talent and potential, it’s just a matter of using it.

I can’t tell you what your talent is. I don’t know what the thing you were born to excel in is, but I can tell you that it probably isn’t golf.


Golf is taken for now. But don’t worry, that just helps you to narrow it down.

What do you like to do? What do you want to do? It’s possible for you to not only do it, but to make a living at it and be one of the best. The first step is deciding what you will do. I for one, would like to be one of the top preachers in the country. I don’t really aim to be better than all the rest, because it’s not a competition. But I do want to be in demand, connect with people, hold their attention like no one else can, make them laugh and think, and lead as many of them as possible toward a personal relationship with Christ and spiritual fulfillment. Plus, I love shouting at people when what I’m saying is right, and not many jobs afford you that opportunity.

Doing that makes me happy, even though doing it well requires a lot of work. But since I enjoy it, I almost always enjoy the work involved. Even on vacation, I can read books, meditate, take notes, let my imagination run wild, and continue to hone my craft.

The world is moving to a place where more and more of us will be working from our deep purposes. If you love painting murals but find yourself toiling in a factory, for example, the day is coming when you will be able to quit your job and paint, if you want.


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