Called to Pastor

A few days ago, I got a phone call I have been wanting to get for almost 10 years. The congregation of Zion Hill Baptist Church on 10th Avenue in Los Angeles selected me to serve as their next senior pastor.

I haven’t been waiting for that church to call for 10 years, but I have been looking forward to being a full time pastor for about that long. Sure, I’ve been preaching for years, and I’ll certainly get a chance to do a lot more, but this is a legit shot for me. All I really want to do is help people grow in love. A lot of people.

I’d love to show you the link, but as of 4/24/09, there’s no website. I guess that’s one of the reasons they hired me. To get them a website. You can do a Google Street View of it if you’re really dying to see. By all accounts, it’s a “big church.” We have to be sure to put all those halls and rooms to very meaningful use.

So, by this time next month, insha allah, I will have relocated to L.A. Something is telling me to make the trip driving. It’s a rare opportunity to see the country by car from the New York Island to California. Isis will be leading a group of youth to South Africa(!) while I get us moved in, then she’ll meet me and the baby in L.A. I better not screw things up while she’s gone!

I’ll be having a going away roast in NYC in a couple of weeks. Isn’t this such a historic time? Maybe it’s just me.


One response to “Called to Pastor

  1. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Of course this is an historic time, any call to do God’s work is great. It shouldn’t matter about the location as long the works gets done. I think you’ll establish more than just “a website”, while the earthly compensation is worth it just never loose sight on the most important compensation “the lost souls”. It’s going to be a journey…But with God everything is possible. You talk of being financially stable in twelve years, this task is God’s way of testing wether you deserve it or not!
    Kudos, on your achievement.
    Blow the horns-” An Angel Just Got His Wings”

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