Battling for Bunk Beds

When my brother and I were very young, we used to fight over who got the top bunk. The top bunk represented domination; rising above the cares and vicissitudes of life. You got to use a ladder. You could touch the ceiling up there for crying out loud! As 50 Cent says, “The top feels so much better than the bottom. So much better.”


I don’t remember exactly when or why, but one day, we began to fight over who got the bottom bunk. The bottom felt warmer, cozier, closer to Mother Earth. The bottom bunk was much more conducive to comfort and sleep. Who wants to be banished to the upper bunk? You’re completely exposed up there!

In life, a clean, comfortable place to lay your head is worth fighting for. Don’t stop until you get it. But if the choice of bunk means that much to you, you’ll be spending a lot of time feeling disappointed. The mattress and sheets are identical whether you’re up or down.

Only you can determine the things you must have, but ask yourself if you want it because you need it or if you want it because someone else wants it. Sometimes, we have to fight, and sometimes, it’s wiser to just count your blessings, close your eyes, and go to sleep.


9 responses to “Battling for Bunk Beds

  1. Seth,

    Glad to be included in your rumination for the day.

    If it’s a boy, will your sons’ old man be buying bunk beds?

    How the world does turn…


  2. Is it strange that as an only child, I had a bunk bed? I had those same fights over who got to sleep on the top or bottom bunk…with myself.

    Hey, at least I always won.

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