You Are The Light of the World

“One life to live,
It’s so hard to be positive,
When niggas’ shooting at your crib.”

Tupac Shakur

Behold an unfortunate truth: in society, success and happiness are more the exception than the rule.

People feel flashes of inspiration, moments of peace, but then usually get sucked right back into the cypress swamp of pessimism, doom, and gloom. They spend most of their days feeling largely hopeless, then they die. 

Part of my life’s work is about reversing that trend. I do believe that in my lifetime, more and more people will develop a reliance on prayer, a Christ-consciousness, true self-esteem, peace of mind, and fulfillment of their purpose. If you have the slightest interest in my blog, you are on your way, even though it may feel like you are swimming against a strong current of negativity sometimes.

My advice to you is to not give in to all the negativity. Know that some people will smirk when they find out you are repeating positive affirmations to yourself. They will try to argue with you when you tell them you pray. If you decide not to seek revenge, they will tell you you’re weak, and it might get to you a little from time to time. If you dare exert some self-control, they will laugh in your face.

 Yes, it’s a challenge to maintain optimism and remain on the righteous path when 98% of the people you know don’t follow it, but the alternative is to slip back into the very darkness you want to claw out of. Stay strong, because the fact is, all of those petty, cynical people actually need your shining example. They still don’t believe that great things are possible for their lives, but you do, and you have to live like it.

Call or email someone today and give them some encouragement. Yes, they will wonder what the catch is. Yes, they will think it’s weird. It is weird, but only because people don’t encourage one another enough. Sure, it’s unusual, but so are success and happiness. Unusual is not always bad.


One response to “You Are The Light of the World

  1. Holy Quran Sura 5:87

    O you who believe, forbid not the good things which Allah has made lawful for you and exceed not the limits. Surely Allah loves not those who exceed the limits.

    Great Blog! I agree, that it takes every individual to be a light in order to save all of humanity. We must save ourselves! In the beginning, we had Paradise-and yet we wanted more which lead to our downfall. The same applies to today. Someone has to guard the purity that all of us posses by showing and demonstrating divine laws in our everyday lives. The prophets have come and gone. It’s on us now.

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