Basketball Prophecy

Today is June 29, 2009. Seth says:

“The Cleveland Cavaliers will win the 2010 NBA championship, and then Shaq will retire.”


I’m not saying this because LeBron and Shaq are two of my favorite players. I’m saying it because it’s true. I’ve been dead on correct with sports predictions before, but I’ve never put it out there this publicly this far in advance. 

Watch it….


4 responses to “Basketball Prophecy

  1. i’m open to, at least, hearing others’ “truths”, but some of your [older] members aren’t…those sweet old ladies can get ruthless you know?! (you didn’t hear that from me though! LOL)

  2. I was with you until I seen Shaq flying off the top rope. He’s going to be fat and stupid by the time the season starts.

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