Still Not Convinced

“Don’t try to convince me with the facts, my mind is already made up.”

When it comes to faith, the statement above can make all the difference. The only way we can accomplish the impossible is if we believe that it is possible. Other people will use what they know to try to have you conform to their brand of truth. They would impose their limitations on you if you let them.

I am a huge fan of shutting out haters and naysayers to go with your gut. If the voice of God and the advice of everyone around you differ, go with God.

You may feel led to go against the crowd, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to them. You don’t have to act on what anyone else says, but you should be able to listen to it. Listen to them confidently, knowing that you will go in your own direction, or listen to them ready to incorporate some or all of their ideas as necessary, but always listen.

This Parable from Buddha’s 100 Sutras speaks to the consequences of being too convinced:

One day, while a widower was far away from home, his son was kidnapped by bandits who burned the entire village to the ground. The man returned to find the charred remains of a little boy. The man weeps and wails over the burnt corpse. He has a funeral, cremates the boy, and carries the ashes in a sack around his neck day and night. A few months later, his little boy was able to escape and return home. He knocked and knocked on the front door, “Dad, it’s me,” but the man couldn’t let go of his beliefs and grief, so the boy had no choice but to leave.

Never be too convinced of anything. If it’s true, put it to the test.


2 responses to “Still Not Convinced

  1. Pastor,
    I couldn’t agree more. Having the quality of “a listener” is the best gift one can give another. I can honestly say with age, my memory is not how it once used to be. But I make up for it by paying close attention to every word spoken to me. I find myself doing so even in mid of conflict, hearing what the other person has to say usually solve and prevent conflicts.
    “Never be to convinced of anything, if it’s true put it to the test”- I must say I disagree with this statement, only because God’s favors are always hard to beleive. Are you implying that we should live our lives like the servant’s wife who couldn’t walk away from her riches and risk turning into a statue of salt?

  2. No, but it’s because God’s favors can be hard to believe that we need to put them to the test. If, for example, you are sick and want God to heal you, put God to the test. What that exactly means will vary from person to person. If you pray and are healed, you’ll be much more convinced about God’s power than if you had just heard it from someone else.

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