Less Seth More God

Right before I preach, I usually offer up some sort of prayer asking God to move me out of the way and preach the sermon through  me.

I asked to be moved out of the way because the best sermons are the ones when people truly receive a word from God, not a person. Something powerful and fresh, something that each individual feels is just for them. A message that will resonate with them for months and years to come and change their lives for the better.

Since I can’t possibly write and deliver anything that magnificent on my own, I pray a lot during the sermon writing process. Then, just as I’m about to preach, I throw up one last prayer: “God, let me decrease so that you may increase.”

I gotta tell ya, that prayer really works. When you sincerely pray to have your ego, your pride, your crude sense of humor, your fear, and your unworthiness pushed aside and replaced by God’s wisdom and power, some amazing things can happen.

Then I realized, this prayer is too good to only use at the preaching moment. Why not use it all the time? Headed into a meeting? “God, move me out of the way so that I can listen and speak with your wisdom.” Feel an argument coming on? “God, fight this battle for me, because I like to fight dirty, and without you, I will only make matters worse.”

There is a small, dense, profound book called Light on the Path by Mabel Collins that perhaps says it best:

“Stand aside in the coming battle, and though thou fightest be not thou the warrior.”


7 responses to “Less Seth More God

  1. Lord have mercy, should have read this an hour ago, just went OFF on DirectTv!!! I should have asked the Lord to speak his words to them through me, but you know what after the Poor excuse of Customer Service they showed, he might had expressed it the same way..Hey, maybe that was the Lord, telling me to LET THEM HAVE IT…I doubt it but one can dream..

    Anyway, great post Pastor, something to chew on…..

  2. I wish I had read it about a half an hour ago myself, honestly. But don’t let mistakes eat you up to much, especially if they aren’t fatal. Another opportunity to put theory into practice is right around the corner. Just be sure to follow through with doing the right thing next time. Talking to me, too….

  3. Guess your right Seth, about how prayer changes things. You are also
    right about, having to stay in constant prayer. That’s one of the biggest
    problems I have and proably alot of people, which is; having strong faith
    in the creator. Your sermon today was right on the money! You did that!

  4. I agree w/Jackie Pastor, but sometimes I question the notion of “constant prayer”. I sometimes talk to God and wonder, if I went in prayer with faith why do I need to constantly remind the Lord, isn’t he capable of keeping track of my prayers? Isn’t praying in faith is going and asking and leaving it at the alter? I know I do both, no need to lie, when I am in great despair (trouble) I go and pray over and over again, but sometimes in my prayers, I think wait, I have came to the Lord with this, he knows my true thoughts, have faith that he heard, and he will reveal the answer.

    Or is the scripture telling me to stay in communication with the Lord at all times?

  5. The Bible does teach that we are supposed to “pray without ceasing,” and I agree. With that, we should remember that there is more to praying than just making a bunch of requests. If you pray about something and feel confident that God is going to deliver, no need to keep reminding God about it. Once one thing is covered, pray for something else, pray for a family member, friend, or enemy, give prayers of thanksgiving for the things you have been blessed with, pray that God can show you new ways of making a difference in the world. Yes, I beleve we are called to constant prayer.

  6. @TMS

    As a Muslim, I find that prayer is one of the only ways we can give undivided attention to God. But 5 times a day isn’t enough for me! Being centered in my obligations, I find my mind wishing I could sit for more prayer. The key to prayer is to focus all of one’s mind on the throne of God. Allah is all knowing, so he knows what you need. If I had to give advice, I would ask for less requests, and more praise, and adoration. If I could condone any request, it would be for the lord to forgive me for my sins. Also know that the more you pray sincerely, the more humble you become! Peace be upon you!!

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