NOTHING Shall Be Imposible

Luke 1:37 says, “For with God, nothing shall be impossible.”

If you take a look through the Good Book, you will see that there is biblical precedent for a lot of supernatural activity. There’s dream interpretation, people making prophecies about the future, healing by the laying on of hands, humans speaking to angels, animals speaking to people, people being raised from the dead–all these miraculous and improbable things happen in the Bible.

I don’t have a problem with any of this. In fact, I figure that since God is all-powerful, all of these things and more are possible, and most Christians agree with me.

dream_of_joseph_champaigneWhat gets me is the way many believers will accept something like dream interpretation because it’s in the Bible, yet completely reject other divine arts like palm reading or horoscopes because they are not in the Bible.

If there’s any kind of wisdom to be gained, help to be given, or knowledge to be revealed, musn’t God somehow be in the mix? I’m talking specifically about things like astrology, palm reading, astral projection, and numerology.

If I’m being a good Christian, I am always seeking Christ and his righteousness first. But there is so much in the world that we can learn about. For example, to my knowledge, algebra is not in the Bible. Still, I’m glad I learned about it because it helps me interpret my surroundings that much better. I don’t think it’s blasphemous to learn about any of the academic disciplines or the arts.

So why are compassionate, wise astrologers often considered anti-Christian? God made the stars and planets, the astrologers are just observing them. It seems like if dream interpretation and healing by touch are OK, and if the wise men followed a star to find Jesus, then astrology is probably all right as well. And that would open the door to a lot of other spiritual disciplines, some of which are not mentioned specifically in the Bible.

I realize I will probably be getting myself into some trouble with some Christians here. Being dedicated to Christ is vital. But being afraid of things we don’t understand just won’t cut it.


9 responses to “NOTHING Shall Be Imposible

  1. Seth-

    This is really a profound post. It is probably making a lot of people think. Some may come out of their “spiritual closets”. What I mean is this:

    There are a good number of Christians who delve or have delved into the spiritual arts. There are certainly those who know about the moon phases and astrology. Just ask your grandparents or any credible farmer who also may just happen to be a follower of Christ. Incidentally, I bet none will plant seeds or cut hair when the moon is waning, unless they want to prune or diminish growth.

  2. Thank you, Cynthia. Usually, people who feel differently on this sort of thing will just agree to disagree. I happen to think I’m right though, so if any non-Christians feel better about the faith, or any Christians come around or “come out” as you said, that’s good.

  3. I did at a time in my Christian life use to stray away from astrology and what not, to be honest I really don’t think much about it. But your post does bring thought to the topic. Last evening I was watching the sunset, was beautiful I told my daughter “how could someone look @ that and not know there is a God, not religion, just that there is a God”. Now clearly God made the stars and moons and all else, and if the tides of the ocean is base on the gravitation of the moon, there must be some energy force that comes from the planets that surround us.

    And astrology is in the Bible, the book of Matthew “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy” the three wise men “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him” I just think like most blessing man is bestowed many take advantage of it, and use it in a wrong fashion. It does show in the Bible, that the stars were used to give information. So while I personally am not calling my local Dionne Warrick hotline. There is truth to be told of the stars, planets, and energy that surround us.

    And algebra is in the Bible Psalm 119 and many other details that were given in the Bible have some links to Algebra.

    Great Post! God Bless….and with our surrounding stars…God Speed, And may the Force be with you…..

  4. I agree with you completely, TMS. Dionne Warwick and the psychic friends goal was not to truly help people with genuine revelation, but rather to make money. Some churches are the same.

    I wrote a blog post earler this year called “Astrology and the Bible” that speaks to what you’re saying about the wise men and some other points as well. Here’s the link.

    And Psalm 119 is too long for me to be looking for Algebra in it. What verses? Thanks.

  5. Seth, finally an honest Pastor! I bet there are many pastors who agree wit
    you, but do not share their feelings on this subject, fearing they may be judged one way or another. I 100% agree wit you, “if nothin is impossible”
    towards our God, why not astrology?. People have the right to believe whatever they feel within their own spiritual relm. Does it matter if I believe in the parting of the red sea? Or does it really matter, that I believe in God, the creator of this life and existence as we think we know it to be? People also say, how do you believe in God, if you don’t necessarily believe in the parting of the red sea? Well. that’s another topic! By the way, I went through Psalm 119, didn’t get the relation to algebra, but I guess, it’s one of those things that you have to no the secret code of the bible, in order to get the purposed meaning! No wonder y, I don’t read the bible as much! GNR!

  6. Response to Plsams 119 (algebra)
    Psalms 119 poem is an acrostic; its twenty-two stanzas (of eight verses each) are in the order of the Hebrew alphabet. Each of the eight verses within a stanza begins with the same letter. Each verse contains one word for “instruction.” The translation here given attempts to translate each Hebrew word for “instruction” with the same English word…It’s consider an acrostic algebra poem.

  7. Great Post. It’s mere folly to limit any religion to the context of the book it was born out of. The Bible doesn’t condone astrology, but it does demonstrate it in several scriptures.

    Muhammad (Peace be upon him) communicated with the angel Gabriel while meditating on a mountain. Buddha reach higher consciousness by merely contemplating (meditating) on the root of suffering. What gives?

    Well, what gives is man is capable of infinite possibilities, yet we believe it not ,even though men and women have demonstrated this over and over again. The faith of a mustard seed goes along way, but doubt can deplete the the quantity of any man’s potential. With that said, I agree with this post 100 percent.

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