Optical Illusions

Hey, the brown leaves in this picture are NOT moving.

flowing leaves


It’s just an optical illusion, but let that be a lesson to us. Unless we have the wisdom to know better, our eyes often fool us into believing something that simply isn’t true.

There is probably at least one brown leaf situation in your life. You’re hurt or upset because of the way the things seem to be playing out. You’ve seen it with your own eyes! The leaves keep moving no matter how hard bad you want them to stop.

Take a step back and make sure it’s not all in your head.

“Buy the truth and do not sell it. Get wisdom, discipline, and understanding.” –Proverbs 23:23


4 responses to “Optical Illusions

  1. Great post Pastor!
    because our eyes mislead us so often, I think it’s safe to say follow your heart it’s “illusion-free”!

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