Two Thousand Ten or Twenty Ten

“Everyone” is saying that we are supposed to call this year “Twenty Ten.” I heard it on NPR and on the local TV news, so I guess that settles it.

It makes sense on some level. We called the years in the last century “nineteen” eighty this and “nineteen” ninety that, so these would logically be the “twenties” now. Still, I’m not so sure.

We were calling last year and all the years before that “two thousand” this and that. So why switch from “two thousand nine” to “twenty ten?” The only thing I can come up with is that it saves us a syllable.

Something is telling me that the “twenty” isn’t going to stick. I like saying “two thousand ten”–seems to naturally follow “two thousand nine” to me. And just because something is more efficient doesn’t mean society is going to embrace it.

Whatever “everyone” ultimately decides on this one, I’ll go with the flow. It just seems like people are trying too hard to make us call it “twenty ten,” and forcing something makes it less and less likely to catch on.


2 responses to “Two Thousand Ten or Twenty Ten

  1. But the question I really have is…what are we really going to call last decade? They kept say it was going to be called The Oughts but that never stuck. In 15 years, when you turn the radio to the Jammin Oldies station, what will they say? “Your favorites hits from the 80s, 90s, ??s, and today”

  2. I don’t know what we’ll call it. My sermon at our New Year’s Eve service was called “Goodbye to the Uh-ohs.”

    They started with Bush being elected in 2 uh-oh 0. 9/11 hit in 2 uh-oh 1. Iraq and Afghanistn in 2 uh-oh 2. Katrina in 2 uh-oh 5. Ecomomic meltdown in 2 uh-oh 8. Foreclosures, unemployment, and Tiger Woods in 2 uh-oh 9. Clever if I say so myself, but I’m not sure if the oldies stations of the future will go with it.

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