How to Help Haiti

Everyone knows about the 7.0 earthquake that rocked Port-au-Prince Tuesday, Jan. 12. There are a lot of people who want to do something to help, and that’s good. If you have some real technical expertise (search and rescue, civil engineering, master plumber/electrician, licensed contractor, doctor, nurse, etc.), please connect with a team that is going there and contribute that way if you can.

There may be a temptation to send supplies directly, but the airports and sea ports are facing a bottleneck, so what you send may be stuck in customs literally for months. This was the case even before the earthquake. 

Donating money to reputable charities working in the area is the best way to go.  Here are a few that I can endorse without hesitation:

American Red Cross– They promise 100% of these donations will go to help in Haiti.

Haiti Outreach Mission-They send doctors and construction teams to Haiti annually. I’ve worked with them directly.

Baptist World Alliance– My church will be channeling our contribution(s) through this org. Support for the baptist hospital, schools, and churches in and around Port-au-Prince. They already have a search and rescue team on the ground.

Project Medishare– I’ve worked as an interpreter for them. They sent 11 doctors to Haiti withing 24 hours of the quake and are accepting donations to support that team.

Partners in Health– Led by Paul Farmer. They’ve set up a triage unit about 2 hours outside the capital and are working around the clock.

Doctors Without Borders– These Nobel Peace Prize Laureates have had a legitimate and trusted presence in Haiti for years.

I was privileged to spend 2 years in Haiti with the Peace Corps. Even before the earthquake, the poverty and desolation there were heartbreaking. Now, I can’t imagine. This is an opportunityfor EVERYONE to do something to help these people. If your pastor doesn’t mention this on Sunday, you have my permission to slap him or her silly, hijack the collection plates, and raise some money for this cause.

Just kidding, but why not call a pastor before Sunday and ask “what are we going to do?”

Whether you go to church or not, we all have to ask ourselves that very question.


One response to “How to Help Haiti

  1. lol, As funny the thought of slapping your Pastor is. I can’t help to agree with you. I too have spent time in Haiti and like you, the tragedy worries me more knowing their past situations. Another way that we can help is sending clothing lots of them, I have been urging folks to go to discounts stores and purchasing as much clothing as they can to send to the kids. While our government and charities supply food ( although they can never be enough), we can contribute by collecting clean and decent apparels. Pastor, I would also like to take the time to ask for a special prayer for family members that has yet to be found…

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