Butt Dialing God

“…pray continually…”
–I Thessalonians 5:17

You ever butt dialed someone before? You know, your phone is in your pocket or purse, and somehow, you call someone by accident. You didn’t realize you called them. More importantly, you have no idea that they are listening to your current conversation. Friendships have been ruined over this phenomenon.

I think we’ve all been guilty of butt dialing God. No matter how much or how little you pray, there are still moments most days where you are living life, times you’re just having a conversation, or losing your temper, or sneaking around trying to get away with something, and you’re not really not praying in those moments.

Except you are. If the person you just butt dialed hears you say something incriminating, you can’t go back later and say you didn’t really mean it. They caught you in a total moment of candor.

Similarly, even though you usually only talk to God with head bowed and eyes closed, anything you say over drinks, in your sleep, or in the heat of passion, God hears that too. And even though it’s kind of like you butt dialed instead of calling intentionally, you’re still making the bed you’ll have to lie in later. You can’t go back and tell God, “that’s not really who I am.”

“Every word is a prayer,
So in life’s small matters
Be greatly aware!”



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